IBM 6298389

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IBM 6298389
IBM RT E57888 front.jpg
Branding IBM
Layouts ANSI
Keyswitches Slider over rubber dome on capacitive sensing
Keycaps Dye sublimated
Years of production 1986


This keyboard was manufactured for IBM by an unknown company in Japan in 1986. Minimal investigation of the protocol shows that it's very similar to the PS/2 protocol. The key weight is estimated to be 55g. Keycaps are dye sublimated and the keyboard features a "beeper".

The slightly different rubber dome version with membrane sheets (the IBM 6247440 for RT and 5086 Processor) should be noted here since it is likely the IBM 6298389 was also designed for the RT and 5086 Processor IBM systems. It is very possible the IBM 6298389 was a prototype for the RT and 5086 Processor IBM systems, but this is only speculation at this time.


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