IBM P70/P75 keyboard

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IBM P70/P75 keyboard
IBM 23F3212 -- top, flat.jpg
Layouts JIS, ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Alps plate spring


Part EC FRU Layout Confirmed dates
23F3216 C27215 65X1604 German ISO 90/01
23F3212 C27695 65X1601 Danish ISO 90/02
65F0045 C27700 65F0063 JIS 90/07


The P70/P75 keyboard was part of the IBM P70 portable 386 computer, also known as the IBM Model 8573-121. The keyboard would connect to the portable 386 via the tiltable top part which also serves as a large keyboard "stand". To save weight of the unit as a whole, the P70/P75 keyboard was constructed accordingly.

The Alps SKCP series switches are PCB mounted in a snap-in case that is made of thin plastic compared to other IBM keyboards of that time, presumably also to save weight and space. The keyboard speaks the PS/2 protocol but uses a proprietary connector.[1][2] The keycaps are dye sublimation / PBT.

Disassembly instructions

When attempting to open the P70/P75 keyboard one should follow the instructions on this link.

Proceed with caution to avoid breaking the case since it can be quite strenuous to open the plastic latches, particularly the ones under the function row that latch to a metal bar running all across the keyboard and are not easily accessible.



Danish ISO version.


German ISO version.


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