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IBM PCjr keyboards
Part number 8600032 (1st generation) 6181835 (2nd generation)
Branding IBM
Manufacturer IBM Canada
Layouts 62-key PCjr layout
Keyswitches Rubber dome
Interface IR or RJ-11 cable
Dimensions 341.5 × 168 × 26 mm
(13.45 × 6.61 × 1.02 inches) (IR keyboard)[1]
Weight 616 g (22 ounces) w/o batteries (IR keyboard)
Years of production 1984 - 1987

The IBM 4860 PCjr was IBM's first attempt to produce a low cost personal computer aimed at the home market. It used a low cost keyboard designed to be more suitable to the home market than the Model F keyboards of their professional computers. The PCjr is widely considered to be one of the worst keyboards ever designed, and considered to be one of the main reasons why the PCjr was a commercial disaster.



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