IBM Screen Reader/2 keypad

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IBM Screen Reader/2 keypad
IBM Screen Reader Pad complete key pad.jpg
Part number 1393387
FCC ID AN09SA6450602
Branding IBM
Manufacturer IBM
Layouts Application specific
Keyswitches IBM buckling spring
Interface SDL cable to PS/2 connector

This is the IBM Screen Reader/2 keypad with Model M type IBM buckling spring key switches. The keypad was an integral part of a system designed to give blind computer users access to OS/2, DOS and Windows applications back in the 1980s; in fact, it was the first screen reader for a graphical user interface on the PC.[1]


Pictures of the IBM Screen Reader/2 keypad.


  1. AccessWorld Magazine — On-the-Job Profile: A History of Accessibility at IBM, by Annemarie Cooke (March 2004) (American Foundation for the Blind)

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