IBM System 9000 keyboard

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IBM System 9000 keyboard
Branding IBM Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturer IBM
Layouts 83 Key PC/XT
Keyswitches Capacitive IBM buckling spring
Interface XT
Rollover NKRO


The IBM System 9000 keyboard is a variant of the IBM PC/XT keyboard that was part of the IBM System 9000 Instrument Computer from IBM Instruments, Inc. It uses the IBM buckling spring switches. Some System 9000 computers were shipped with standard PC/XT keyboards.

Differences from the IBM PC/XT keyboard

Upper case

The upper case has been redesigned to with the cord exiting the side of the keyboard. This may have been done to allow the keyboard to sit directly in front of the workstation. The square "IBM Personal Computer" badge has been replaced with a long rectangular "IBM System 9000" badge.


The cable for the System 9000 keyboard has 5 conductors as compared with 4 for the most common IBM PC/XT keyboard. The 5th conductor is green and occupies the RESET position in the pcb connector. The was used on earliest PC/XT keyboards, but removed at some point. On at least one example, a jumper wire has been soldered connecting the pin associated with this 5th conductor with pin 5 of one of the DIP-14 ICs on the pcb. The purpose of this jumper is unknown.


The IBM Instruments, Inc serial number from the label on the rear cover is stamped on the reverse sides of the upper case and rear cover as well as on the back side of the switch assembly.