IBM Trackpoint II Keyboard

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IBM Model M13
Branding Lexmark, Maxi Switch, Unicomp
Product family IBM Model M
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Buckling spring over membrane
Interface PS/2
Precedes IBM Model M5-1 & IBM Model M5-2

IBM Trackball Keyboards are IBM Model M keyboards with an integrated trackpoint. Although most of them are black, some beige exists. The Black Models uses Pad Printing while the Biege ones used Dye-Sublimation.

Part Number

As there is only one model, the M13, this page will be listing the different part numbers.


This part number is specific to a keyboard made by Lexmark. It features a split spacebar. The right split spacebar is supposed to be backspace (I think needs to be verified).




This keyboard seems to be a quite "normal" M13. It was made by Lexmark. It features a Beige colour scheme, that does mean that the keycaps legends are made by dye-sublimation.


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