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Input Club
Industry Consumer Electronics
Founded 2015
Founder(s) Jacob Alexander (HaaTa)
Headquarters Tucson, Arizona, USA

Input Club has been described as "a collective of some of the finest minds in the mechanical keyboard community".[1]

They are known mostly for the Infinity ErgoDox and the WhiteFox keyboards.


The group has been listed to include:[2]

  • Jacob Alexander (HaaTa): Firmware writer, switch designer
  • Andrew Lekashman (lekashman): “mostly outreach, copywriting, and general coordination of all the projects.”
  • Gennadiy Nerubayev (Parak): PCB expert
  • Brandon Muzzin (Over^Kill): Mechanical engineer
  • Jeremy Bondeson (jbondeson): Developer of online configurator

Also associated with Input Club:

  • Matteo Spinelli (Matt3o): Designer of the WhiteFox


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