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Manufacturer Kailh
Inventor Jacob Alexander (HaaTa) and Brandon Muzzin (Over^Kill)
Family Input Club Hako
Introduced February 2018 (planned)
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 80 million key presses
Total travel 3.6 mm
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount, Unknown if PCB mount.

The Hako switches are Cherry MX clones designed by Jacob Alexander (HaaTa) and Brandon Muzzin (Over^Kill) of Input Club and manufactured by Kailh.

The switches are variants of the Kailh "Box" switches, and the name "Hako" (箱) is Japanese for "box". The switches have transparent top housings that are compatible with both SMD LEDs and through-hole diodes.


The Hako True was designed as a replacement of the Halo True switch, which in turn had been designed to be reminiscent of a Topre switch with a long tactile bump.

The Hako Clear was designed supposedly to have a feel reminiscent of both Cherry MX Clear and a Topre switch. Mirroring the Halo switches, the Hako Clear uses the same slider shape as the Hako True with a different spring.[1]

Name Stem colour Tactile force Actuation force Bottom-out force Spring force Tactile event Actuation event Web site
Hako Clear Translucent white 63 g 55 g 79 g 75 g 0.66 mm 1.95 mm link
Hako True Pink Salt 58 g 60 g 94 g 95 g 0.54 mm 1.95 mm link
Hako Violet Pink Lavender 39 g 28 g 50 g 50 g 0.58 mm 1.88 mm link


Hako True and Hako Clear come as options in Input.Club keyboards and are available in sets on Kono store.

NovelKeys sells all three Hako types in multiples of ten. (May 2018)

KBDfans sells all three types in multiples of ten (October 2018).

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