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Manufacturer Kailh
Inventor Jacob Alexander (HaaTa)
Introduced November 2017
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount

The Halo switches are Cherry MX clones designed by Jacob Alexander (HaaTa) of Input Club and manufactured by Kailh.


The Halo True was designed to resemble the smooth and tactile Topre switches but be mechanical and Cherry MX-compatible.

The Halo Clear uses the same slider shape as the Halo True but a spring closer to a Cherry MX Clear. The design was chosen because Cherry had not made any RGB-version of the MX Clear.[1]

Name Stem colour Tactile force Actuation force Bottom-out force Tactile event Actuation event Web site
Halo Clear Translucent white 65 g 52 g 78 g 0.5 mm 1.9 mm link
Halo True Salmon 60 g 54 g 100 g 0.5 mm 1.9 mm link


The group order ("drop") on Massdrop for the Input Club K-Type has so far (November 2017) been the only way to acquire the switches.

Input Club had developed and funded the switches together with Massdrop under an as yet undisclosed agreement which divided rights between them. Both parties are currently in a disagreement over if or how Input Club would be allowed to distribute Halo switches through other channels than Massdrop.[2]

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