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Manufacturer Keebio
Features rev2: backlighting, underglow
rev3: backlighting, underglow, rotary encoder
Keyswitches Cherry MX/Alps CM, Kailh Choc
Stabiliser PCB
Interface rev2: USB Micro B (on the Pro Micro)
rev3: USB Type C
Rollover NKRO
Years of production 2017-

The Iris is a small split ergonomic kit keyboard with vertical staggering. The layout was designed by Lewis Ridden, while the PCBs and case were designed by Bakingpy of Keebio.

The keyboard has the same small vertical staggering as the ErgoDox but with only six columns and four rows. There can be three or four thumb keys per side, where only the innermost corresponds to an ErgoDox thumb key: That key can also be 1×2 or split into two 1×1 keys.

The keyboard has a microcontroller on each side, using a 3.5mm TRRS jack for interconnect. It was made to run the QMK firmware.


The circuit board comes win two variations: the regular supports Cherry MX and Alps CM switches. The low-profile keyboard circuit board supports Kailh "Chocolate" switches.

The first two (major) revisions had a Pro Micro controller board mounted underneath each PCB, and all components had to be through-hole soldered. Underglow is supported through a separate RGB LED strip.

Revision 3 comes with all components (except switches) already surface-mounted, and supports also a rotary encoder replacing the bottom/outer key.


The keyboard is named after the goddess Iris in Greek mythology—the goddess of rainbow and messenger of the gods. It was chosen because the keyboard's curvature was reminiscent of a rainbow, and a keyboard is used to type messages.

The Iris keyboard won the 2017 Deskthority Award in the Best "other" input device category.

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