Jelco JKS-91

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Jelco JKS-91
Manufacturer Jelco
Product code JKS-91
Discontinued Yes
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Conductive dome
Switch mount Plate mount

Jelco JKS-91 is an integrated dome discrete key switch which appears to be modelled after the Alps SKCC series. Unlike the Alps integrated dome series, the JKS-91 uses two vertically-mounted contacts (which extend down as the legs) with a rubber dome that fits inside a vertically-mounted cartridge similar to a switchplate. The slider's vertical travel is converted to horizontal motion by way of an actuator leaf very similar to those in mechanical switchplates.


  • MicroBee PC 85 (Model II) keyboard[1]

Other equipment

  • Teletrans EC-122 calculator (momentary and dummy; unconfirmed)[2]


External links

  • Microbee Technology — downloads — Jelco JKS91 repair guide. Retrieved 2015-07-28.


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