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Part number FK201 (keyboard), FK202 (numpad)
Branding Topre (on PCB), Juki
Manufacturer Topre
Layouts 97-key (keyboard), 19-key (numpad)
Keyswitches Topre switches
Interface Proprietary 8-pin Mini-DIN
Weight ~1680g (keyboard)
Years of production 1990s
Price ~¥150,000 (keyboard)


Juki DATUM is a Japanese data entry system produced by Juki in the 1990s. Known models are the DATUM60 and DATUM80. Both machines were optioned with the FK201, a 97-key keyboard; and the FK202, a 19-key numpad. Other DATUM components include the FE201 (base unit), and the FT201 (monitor). The DATUM line is the predecessor to the Juki Celavi-i which has been around since at least 2007[1]. When the Celavi-i was introduced, the FK201 and FK202 were replaced by the Celavi-i FK212 and FK203.


Juki DATUM keyboard/numpad options as illustrated in the manual

On the front, the FK201 has 4 toggle switches controlling various functions useful to data input and which seem to be typical of these types of keyboards. These switches appear to have the following functions on the FK201:

  • 自動 デュープ/スキップ - オン or オフ (Automatic Dup/Skip - On or Off)
  • 自動 レコード前進 - オン or オフ (Automatic Record Advance - On or Off)
  • プログラム 数字シフト - 全文字 or 数 字 (Program Numbers Shift - All Characters or Numbers)
  • カタカナ シフト - オン or オフ (Katakana Shift - On or Off)

Topre 'Hi-Pro' switches are used for all keys except the bottom row, which use standard Topre switches. This is common practice for all of Topre's Hi-pro switch boards, it seems. On the back, there are two height-adjustable feet and a volume dial which presumably controls the internal speaker. Inside the board there are three PCBs.


The FK201 was made available in 2 layouts, '029' (FK201-JS) and 'JIS' (FK201-JK). The manual mentions the 029 keyboard being used for punch cards, which makes sense as the secondary functions on the keys appear to be very similar to those found on the IBM 029 Key Punch system[2]. The JIS model appears more suited for general data entry purposes.


The FK202 is an optional numeric keypad (テンキーボード or テンキー) that was available for the DATUM. It is compatible with both the FK201-JS and FK201-JK keyboards. In addition to the standard numeric keys, other frequently used keys are present.


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  2. Columbia University — The IBM 029 Key Punch