KBC Poker

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KBC Poker
KBC Poker -- top.jpg
Model no. PFCN6000
Branding None
Features Detachable cable, FN layer, 2 lock modes, DIP switch configuration
Layouts 60% ANSI
Keyswitches Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Black
Switch mount PCB mount
Keycaps ABS
Interface USB, PS/2 with adapter
Rollover 6KRO
Introduced 2011-03
Precedes KBC Poker II

KBC Poker, KBC 60%, or Poker X KBC is a 60% keyboard from KBC. This is the first keyboard in the Poker series, it was a basic model which pioneered the small size and simple construction to end up with a light-weight keyboard.

Box contents

  • One Poker keyboard
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Instruction leaflet


The height of the keyboard, as with many compact keyboards, is fixed by way of the case. Four patterned rubber strips on the base of the keyboard help to keep it steady on the desk.

The keyboard has no plate or case top and can thus easily be disassembled by taking out a few screws. The larger modifiers use Cherry stabilisers. The detachable cable uses a standard mini-USB connector. The connector can be found on the back but it is flipped upside down.

The keyboard has two "lock modes": the first one turns the right modifier block into an inverted-T arrow cluster and the second will turn the `(~) key into Esc. There are also four DIP switches exposed by the base, which permit for key swapping.

The keyboard lacks space for indicator LEDs outside of keycaps. Windowed keycaps would be an option, but this was not selected; light bleed from under keycaps is used instead, with LEDs run up from the PCB through holes in the mounting plate.

The keyboard features diodes and has 6-key rollover over USB.

Keyboard layers

The keyboard has two hardware layers:

  • Normal (non-programmable)
  • Fn (with Fn key held; non-programmable)

On top of this there are two lock modes:

  • Fn + Space turns the right modifier block into an inverted-T arrow cluster. Indicator lights below the space bar and right modifiers will show that this lock modes is active. This mode can easily be activated by accident so the user must be wary of these lights.
  • Fn + Q will turn the `(~) key into Esc. Sadly this mode cannot be made permanent, it must be entered each time the Poker is plugged in. Also note that Fn + Esc no longer results in `(~) when this mode is active. No reports have been found of this being fixed in later revisions but newer models have a different firmware altogether.

DIP switches

The Poker has four DIP switches on the back:[1]

  • SW 4 ON: Lock left windows key
  • SW 3 ON: Windows_L, ALT_L swap position
  • SW 2 ON: Caps, Ctrl_L swap position
  • SW 1 ON: Windows_L becomes FN_L


Version with Cherry MX Black switches:


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