KME RB-2001-1

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KME RB-2001-1
Key Mouse RB-2001-1 -- top.jpg
Branding KME/none
Manufacturer Silitek?
Features Buzzer
Keyswitches Silitek dome with slider?
Interface XT/AT switchable

RB-2001-1 refers to the code written on the PCB of this keyboard. The FCC ID is shared with at least two other KME keyboards[1], leaving this code as its only identity. The same keyboard has also been found with KME randing.[2]

The switch type is an exact match for Silitek dome with slider, but no trace of Silitek's identity is visible. The IC is KME-branded. A nearly identical keyboard has been found with "4001R+" on an additional label,[3] which may relate it to the Silitek SK-4100R-1U which has identical sliders. As such, the OEM appears to be Silitek but this is not confirmed. In this specific instance, the domes are conductive and are used with a PCB.

The keycaps are double-shot, with silkscreen printed Zhuyin (Bopomofo) legends.

The keyboard features a keystroke buzzer.


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