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KPT-like switch is a catch-all term for unbranded switches similar to the KPT switch. The TEC switch is branded only on the base (similar to early Alps SKCL/SKCM series switches) meaning that some KPT-like switches may reveal branding should they ever be desoldered and inspected more closely.

As with TEC switches, it remains a mystery whether any of these switches were actually made in the same factory as KPT switches, or whether they are clones of the KPT switch or vice versa.

Variants Type OC3

These switches have the rectangular slider of KPT and TEC switches, but the dual retention clips per side as the KPT Alps-style variant. Other differences:

  • The shell is deep golden brown instead of the usual black
  • The mould numbering is completely different in format

Very similar switches exist in varieties with a brown shell and pink slider[1] and brown shell with a white slider;[2] in both cases, the mould numbering looks to be the same.

"O" series

The mould numbering has thus far been found to comprise the letter "O", followed by a second letter, and then one or two digits. Typically, these switches have mould numbering in a wide typeface.[3][4] This is not always the case, and a mixture of normal and wide font numbers can be seen on the same keyboard, as found in a Podworld 292. One distinguishing feature is a pair of semicircular cutouts on either side of the slider aperture.




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