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Model no. KPT-84, KPT-84/87, KTP-84/87 [sic][1]
FCC ID IYNKPT-84, IYNKPT-84/87 (not on file)
Branding KPT, other
Manufacturer KPT
Layouts 75% variant
Keyswitches KPT switch
White Tai-Hao APC series
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface XT/AT switchable, PS/2
Weight 680 g

The KPT-84 is a 75% keyboard manufactured by KPT with 84 keys. The later model number indicates that an 87-key version exists, but this has yet to be seen.


The KPT-84 has seen multiple switches and languages over its lifetime. In most instances the case is black, but white KPT-84 keyboards were also made.

The keyboard lacks a num lock key; the first LED indicates power instead. Some keyboards have the Power LED legend replaced with the KPT logo.

The variants with blue KPT switches are equipped with a non-clicky enter key.[Citation needed]


Case colour Keycap colour Language Protocol Switch Keycap printing Reference
Black White and grey German XT/AT KPT rectangular Pad printed? / Double-shot
Black Black and grey US PS/2 KPT Pad printed? [2]
Black Black US PS/2 White Tai-Hao APC series Pad printed? [3]
Black Black UK PS/2 USw LABI01 Thick-ink pad printed
White White and grey US [4]


In Germany, the keyboard was sold by a company called GSE within their Creative Set, an add-on set for the GSE MPE-100S and MPE-200SX video cutting board containing headphones and the keyboard. Those sets are sold on eBay on a regular basis. The Creative Set was sold with different kind of keyboards. If you want to buy one, ask the seller to send a picture, as the keyboard depicted on the packaging (always the Marquardt Mini) does not necessarily match the actual keyboard included. There are versions with cheap rubber dome keyboards and seldom with the Marquardt Mini.


German XT/AT version

UK PS/2 version