Kailh BOX

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Kailh BOX
Manufacturer Kailh
Introduced Early 2017
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 80 M (2017)
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount,
PCB mount (Kailh Box Crystal)

Kailh BOX is a series of switches produced by Kaihua starting in 2017. Another name for this switch series is the Kailh CPG151101F series.

The first iteration of the series had stems that could damage keycaps. A revised version 2 was introduced in fall of 2018. A Kailh Silent Box switch was introduced in 2020, with (presumably) mostly incompatible parts


Designed by Kaihua, the switches were first produced in 2017. Externally they are mostly compatible with Cherry MX switches, but internally they have a slightly different build than them and their clones.


The metal contacts are encased in a box, which is wherefrom the switch got its name. The box is there to prevent dirt and dust from interfering with switch operation.[1] According to Kaihua, these switches are IP56 waterproof/dustproof resistant. The switches come in linear, tactile, and clicky versions.

The main springs are smaller than those of Cherry MX, and are thus not interchangeable.

Tactile BOX switches use the same method of generating tactility as Cherry MX switches, with a bump on the slider.

Clicky BOX switches use a click bar — a small metal bar that is pulled back slightly, and then is slammed against the housing after the slider clears the bar, generating a tactile bump and a clicky noise. This results in a sharper click than click-jacket-based clicky switches, like Cherry MX Blue.

Known issues


In June 2018, several reports popped up that the cruciform mount in the BOX switch was too thick. This had reportedly lead to many keycaps' stems cracking, or that keycaps got their mounts stretched too widely to be able to fit other types of switches. [2] After this, several vendors removed BOX switches from their inventories.

In July, NovelKeys (a vendor of BOX switches), posted an explanation and Kaihua's plan for going forward.[3] Apparently, the BOX switch had been thicker because Kaihhua's first (and then only) customer (supposedly Dareu [4]) had asked Kaihua to widen the stem from 1.30±0.02mm to 1.32±0.02mm so that their own keycaps would fit more tightly. There have been reports of the actual dimensions of the stem having varied.

As response to the issues, Kaihua revised the switch to the narrower specification of 1.30±0.02mm. Switches with the new specifications were being sold in August 2018, with different varieties being updated later during the fall of 2018.[5].

However, there have been reports that the revised "V2" switch stem would still have nubs on the stem that could still cause keycaps to crack.[6]

Interest checks have been posted for third-party tools for modding V1 switches to be safe: Stemshaver and Cruciformer.

Tactile switches clicking

Tactile BOX switches that are not supposed to click tend to start doing a clicking sound after some time of use. This can supposedly by alleviated by relubricating the notch on the stem responsible for the tactile feel. [7]

Twisted stem

Some switches have been reported to have the stem rotated a small amount: enough that keys look uneven, but not enough to impede operation. [8]

Mismatch between click and actuation

On switches using a click bar, the position of the click does not match actuation in the key stroke. This is a problem inherent in all switches with click bars, and more-or-less with all switch types where the click-mechanism is not part of the actuation-mechanism. Only because of the Kailh Box switches popularity is this an issue that is more associated with it.

Click bar switches also emit a click on the up-stroke.


Picture Name Key feel Actuation Force Bottom Out Force


BOX Red Linear 50g 60g [9]


BOX Black Linear 60g 70g


BOX Dark Yellow Linear 70g 80g


BOX Brown Tactile 50g 60g


BOX Burnt Orange Tactile 60g 80g


BOX Royal Tactile 40g 70g


BOX White Clicky 50g 60g


BOX Pale Blue Clicky 60g 80g


BOX Jade Clicky 50g 60g


BOX Navy Clicky 60g 90g
BOX Crystal 62g Tactile 67±10gf
BOX Crystal 67g Tactile 72±10gf

Collaboration with NovelKeys

Six other versions of the BOX switch were created in collaboration with NovelKeys.

Three of them are the same as the stock BOX switches, but with heavier springs, and a different colored slider to differentiate them from the lighter variants. These are BOX Dark Yellow (extra heavy linear), BOX Burnt Orange (heavy tactile) and BOX Pale Blue (heavy clicky). [10]

Two others are those of the clicky design, but with a thicker click bar. The thicker click bar increases the tactility by a lot, and makes the switches louder. These variants are BOX Jade (lighter spring, thick click bar) and BOX Navy (heavier spring, thick click bar). [11]

The last variant is using the tactile design, but with stiffer contacts. This change increases the tactility quite a bit. This variant is the BOX Royal switch. [12]

Box Crystal

The Box Crystal is different from other Box switches in that it has a transparent bottom with fixing pins. The switch is tactile. It has also been available in two weights: "62gf" and "67gf" with the same-looking slider from Drop[13], KPRepublic and sellers on Aliexpress. The slider is translucent white like MX Clear.

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