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Kailh KH Switch
Manufacturer Kailh
Switch type Clicky; tactile; linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 50 M
Actuation force 45±15 gf (previously 45±10 gf)
Pretravel 1.5±0.5 mm (previously 1.8±0.5 mm)
Total travel 3.5±0.5 mm
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount PCB mount, Plate mount
Website www.kailh.com/en/Products/Ks/KHS/

PG1280, also called Kailh KH is a series of metal contact switches from Kailh. It has also been rebranded as the Tesoro Agile switch for use by Tesoro.

The switch appears to be constructed as a Cherry MX clone but is smaller in both height and width. It is keycap mount-compatible with Cherry MX except for a shorter stem. It is almost pin-compatible with Cherry MX, except for the top pin being 0.45 mm to the right. Its PCB-mounting pins are only 10 mm apart and slightly thinner. These differences would make them fit tightly in some PCBs for Cherry MX but not in others, depending on tolerances used. It is however too small for a hole in a Cherry MX mounting plate (12.2 vs 14.0 mm square).[1]

The switch variant is distinguished by different colours of the bottom housing. The top housing is clear and the slider is translucent (like Cherry MX RGB Nature White) for better illumination.


Housing colour Type Product code Actuation distance
Brown Tactile CPG128001S03 1.5±0.5 mm
Blue Clicky CPG128001S02 1.5±0.5 mm
Red Linear CPG128001S01 1.5±0.5 mm

The Tesoro Agile switches are rebranded variants of this switch, available in Blue and Red.

Before the Tesoro switch had been announced, Kailh's web site did supposedly list actuation distance as 1.8±0.5 mm, not 1.5 mm. Bounce time was cited as 5 ms or less, at a keystroke rate of 3–5 keystrokes per second.[1]

The clicky variety has a click bar instead of a sliding collar[2]


  • Tesoro Gram Spectrum[3]
  • The keyboard bundled with the Acer Predator G1 gaming PC is widely believed to be a variant of the same OEM keyboard as the Tesoro Gram Spectrum but in a different case.


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