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Kailh Chocolate Switch
Manufacturer Kailh
Switch type Clicky; tactile; linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 50 M
Pretravel 1.5±0.5 mm
Total travel 3.0±0.5 mm
Keycap mount Proprietary
Switch mount Plate mount

PG1350, also called Kailh Chocolate Switch or Kailh Choc Switch is a series of low-profile metal contact switches from Kailh. They are also in gaming keyboards from Logitech, branded as Logitech GL.

The keycap mount is inspired by Cherry ML but the two types are not compatible.

Likely due to the size, the switch contacts are not the scaled-down Cherry-style contacts as found in SteelSeries QS1; the movable contact instead uses lateral movement. As the size prohibits the use of a click collar, the clicky variant instead has a click bar.


Stem colour Type Product code Tactile force Actuation force
White Clicky CPG135001D03 60±10gf 50±10gf
Brown Tactile CPG135001D02 60±10gf 45±15gf
Red Linear CPG135001D01 n/a 45±10gf
Navy Clicky CPG135001D03-3 60±10gf 50±10gf
Jade Clicky CPG135001D03-2 60±10gf 50±10gf
Pale blue Clicky CPG135001D03-1 60±10gf 70±10gf
Burnt Orange Tactile CPG135001D02-1 70±10gf 70±10gf
Yellow Linear CPG135001D01-1 n/a 70±10gf

The Navy and Jade switches have a thicker click bar than the White and Pale Blue to provide more tactility. In official specs sheets, Navy, Jade, Pale Blue and Burnt Orange are listed as having the same "tactile force" as their counterparts with slimmer thick bar and/or stiffer spring.

Logitech's "GL" switches are available in White, Brown and Red. Logitech all of them as having actuation force at 50 gf, and travel distance at 2.7 mm, but both are within previously published tolerances. [1]

In March 2020, Kailh announced the Kailh Choc V2. The stem now instead has a MX-compatible keycap mount similar to Cherry MX Low Profile. The pinout is similar but the centre stem is wider and there are no fixing pins. [2].


Although keycaps on commercial keyboards vary, Kailh's keycaps available separately are non-standard:

The unique keycap stem design of the PG1350 switches
  • A key unit is a smaller rectangular 18×17 mm (WxH), as opposed to standard 19.05×19.05 (3/4 inch).
  • Made for a 0.5u uniform stagger.
    Stabilised keys are 2u (Caps Lock, ANSI Enter) or 2.5u (Shift), with short Shift (ISO or right side) being 1.5u. The narrow section on vertical (ISO, JIS) Enter key is 1.0u wide.
  • Alt, Windows and Fn key are 1.5u, but the Ctrl keys are 1.25. Menu is 1u.

Some keyboards have been made to fit these measurements, most often DIY kit-keyboards where keycaps have to be purchased separately.


  • Azio MK-C
  • Dacota Platinum Type Pro (Discontinued as of December 2020)
  • Sharkoon Purewriter, DAREU EK820, Havit HV-KB390L and HV-KB395L, in full-size and tenkeyless, some with RGB backlighting and some only with blue. Probably the same OEM.
  • Hexgears Venture
  • Logitech G915, G913 and G815 gaming keyboards. The switch is branded as "Logitech GL"
  • MSI Vigor GK50. White switches.
  • Modecom Volcano Blade. Comes with 3 variants of Kailh PG1350 switches: Blue, Red, Brown.
  • A multitude of DIY kit keyboards. Most support only 1×1 keys, because stabilisers had not been available. As of December 2019, low-profile stabiliser are available.

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