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Kailh Silent Box
Manufacturer Kailh
Product code PG1511Fnnn
Introduced March 2020
Switch type linear; tactile
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 80 M (2020)
Pretravel 1.8±0.4mm
Total travel 3.6±0.4mm
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Kailh Silent Box switches (Kailh CPG1511F) are sound-damped variations of the Kailh BOX switches. They can be identified by having a cylindrical shroud around the cruciform mount on the slider, unlike an undamped Box switch that has a rectangular shroud.


The metal contacts inside the switch are encased in a box, which is wherefrom the box switches have got their name. The box is there to prevent dirt and dust from interfering with switch operation. Kailh claims that the switch has a IP56 protection rating.

Unlike true Cherry MX clones, there is only one ramping surface. Because this is in a corner of the slider, they tend to sit slightly twisted, but not enough to impede operation or smoothness.

The slider has rubber bumpers that provide sound-damping when bottoming out and rebounding up.

Key feel

The tactile Brown switches have been described by several reviewers as having tactile bump early in the key travel with a prominence somewhere in-between that of the Aliaz (boutique version of Gateron Silent Brown) and Zilents V2.


Picture Name Code Slider colour Key feel Actuation Force Tactile Force Bottom Out Force
Silent Red Box PG1511F01S37 Pink Linear 35±10gf
Silent Brown Box PG1511F01S38 Brown Tactile 45±15gf 65±10gf



  • Available as a customisation option for Varmilo


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