KeySonic KSK-8004U

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KeySonic KSK-8004U
KeySonic KSK-8004 U (US) -- top.jpg
Branding KeySonic
Manufacturer Sunrex Technology
Layouts Asian 101, ISO
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Interface USB
Rollover 2KRO
Dimensions 451 × 145 × 23 mm
Weight 512 g
Price ca. €15 (2014)

KSK-8004U (also written KSK-8004 U) is a typical low-cost rubber dome over membrane keyboard from KeySonic.

The controller PCB is marked "JME-2516U-L" and the membranes are marked "JME-2516P". These details lead to a Sunrex as the OEM.

As is not uncommon for Far East-made keyboards, the US version uses Asian 101 layout, while the European layouts (with only KeySonic KSK-8004 U (Nordic) known to date) use ISO.[Citation needed]


KSK-8004 U (US)

US version, Asian 101 layout. The box and rear label include the space before the "U".

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