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Key Tronic EMS
Industry Computer peripherals
Founded 1969
Headquarters Spokane, Washington, USA
FCC grantee code CIG

Key Tronic is an American keyboard manufacturer.

Although its products were widely popular in Europe in the 1990s and early 2000s, the company does currently not have any European distribution.


Brand identification

Key Tronic keyboards often lacked any specific identification on the rear label. Instead, the rear label often followed a particular format that readily identifies Key Tronic keyboards, marked with codes "S/N" (serial number?), "M/N" (model number?), "M/O", "A,K", "K,E", "S,K" and "CPN" (customer part number?):



Diagram of Ergoforce switch weights

Key Tronic is known mostly for its "ErgoForce" technology where different keys have rubber domes with different stiffness. The alphabetic keys intended to be struck with the little finger need only 35 grams of force to actuate, while other alphabetic keys need 45 grams. Other keys can be as stiff as 80 grams.

Key Tronic's rubber dome keyboards are known to be quite tactile and provide a relatively distinct landing.

Foam and foil

During the 1980's Key Tronic manufactured many keyboards with foam and foil capacitive technology under their own brand and as OEM.

Key Tronic's foam and foil keyboards could come with either buckling rubber sleeves (tactile feel) or coiled springs (linear feel). The foam dampened each key below the actuation point providing a somewhat soggy landing. Impressions of the switch are mixed; although some in the keyboard community like the switch, others heavily dislike it.


Known serial numbers

Serial # Date
06682 07/1977
14987 12/1977
24806 07/1983
24834 08/1984 (Tandy)
62112 06/1982
A079357 08/1989?[1]

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