Key Tronic Corp.19790

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Key Tronic Corp.19790
Key Tronic 19790 top view.JPG
Manufacturer Key Tronic
Layouts ISO
Keyswitches Foam and foil
Keycaps Spherical
Weight 5,4 KG
Years of production 1978


Top and bottom parts of the case are made of thick metal. The PCB is mounted onto the top part of the case by screws at six points. At 43cm wide, 23cm depth it's not really big. 7,5cm tall in the back, 4cm in the front. This keyboard sits on big 2cm high rubber feet at 5,4 Kilogramms. The foam and foil switches are PCB mounted. There are also single switches and LED switches. While the spring sits on top of the slider on most of the switches, the design of the LED switch is slighty different. They are a type of Keytronic Magnetic Reed switch instead.

The switch is simple in design, linear, quite smooth with no buckling rubber sleeves or any other parts present like in other foam and foil swtiches at a travel distance of 7mm.


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