Key Tronic E03218

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Key Tronic E03218
Part number E03218xx
Branding Various
Manufacturer Key Tronic
Layouts Keypad
Keyswitches Key Tronic foam and foil
Keycaps Cylindrical double-shot

Key Tronic E03218 is an 23 key numeric keypad produced by Key Tronic for numerous brands.


The Key Tronic E03218 is can function as a stand alone keypad or in series with a keyboard. It is equipped with a male DIN 5-180 coiled cable and a female DIN 5-180 port. A jumper accessed through the rear panel controls the direction data flows. With the jumper removed, the male cable can be connected as an AT device and the female port acts as an AT host allowing a keyboard to be connected in series. In this configuration, keystrokes from keyboard are relayed to the computer via the keypad. A latency of approximately 10ms is introduced. With the jumper installed, the roles are reversed. The female port acts as an AT device and the male cable can be use to attach a keyboard.

The layout does not use the standard IBM AT numeric keypad layout where the Num Lock key toggles between numbers and navigation. Instead, the E03218 has separate numeric and navigation keys, and no Num Lock key. A special function key, Fn, is used to modify the scan codes sent by the keys. The tables below detail the keys associated with the AT scan codes sent:


Model Brand Interface Notes
E03218501 Unbranded AT Beige
34160 GRiD AT Black case with black keycaps. Accessory for GRiDCase rugged laptops.[1]


Unbranded E03218051

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