Key Tronic Model F clone series

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Key Tronic Model F clone series
Columbia 101.jpg
Branding Various
Manufacturer Key Tronic
Layouts F XT, F AT
Keyswitches Key Tronic foam and foil
Keycaps Cylindrical double-shot
Price $235 incl. S&H (1983)[1]

Key Tronic Model F clone series is a series of IBM Model F clone keyboards produced by Key Tronic for numerous brands.


Key Tronic copied both the XT and AT layouts of the Model F. The keyboard case itself is quite different from the Model F, and distinct in its own right. The keyboard appears to be the basis for (at least one model of) the Compaq Deskpro 286 AT keyboard.[2]

Print advertisements have been dated to 1983[3][1], and an FCC ID has been found from 1982.[4] The keyboards appear to have been tactile from the outset (with linear versions produced).

These keyboards use windowed keycaps for the lock keys, instead of an LED cluster. The keycaps use double-shot moulding.

In at least one instance, the PCB has been found to have hand-drawn traces.


Model Brand FCC ID Layout Interface Switch Notes
KB-5150[1] Key Tronic XT Tactile Advertised in 1983
KB-200[3] Key Tronic XT Apple II Tactile Designed for use with an Apple II computer; advertised in 1983
Moniker "Columbia" Columbia Data Products XT Linear Designed for use with a Columbia Data Products IBM PC clone
EVP-850/P[4] Quanta CIG8AVP2402 (1982) XT DIN-5 Linear Years cited: 1984 and 1985[4]
E03091007 None AT AT Tactile Years cited: 1989


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