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Key Tronic foam and foil
Manufacturer Key Tronic
Switch type Linear, tactile
Sense method Capacitive
Keycap mount Key Tronic

Key Tronic foam and foil is a type of foam and foil switch manufactured by Key Tronic.


Key Tronic foam and foil switches were apparently tactile from the outset, using buckling rubber sleeves. In 1981, Key Tronic introduced a linear variant by popular request; this was referred to as the Butterfly™ switch.[1] The headline "floats like a butterfly" suggests that the moniker derives from the smooth feel of the switch, while it is also suggested that the name refers to the design of the capacitor pads on the PCB, potentially without regard to the force curve.[2]

Being capacitive, Key Tronic keyboards using foam and foil switches are N-key rollover.[1] Key Tronic referred to their foam and foil switches in advertisements as "solid state"; Cherry also referred to their foam and foil switch as solid state, even though both have moving parts.

Some Key Tronic switches are branded on the top, but most are unbranded.


Marketed as the "Butterfly™ switch"[1]; external return spring placed under the keycap
Uses a buckling rubber sleeve




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