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List of keyboard websites. These may not be dedicated to keyboards, but have keyboard related pictures or devices with keyboard switches.


Language Website name Description URL
English Terminals Wiki A wiki devoted to computer terminals.
Japanese もこっちのご~ご~鍼灸Annex (komotch2?) Japanese keyboard collector with some impressively long write-ups (in Japanese) and pictures of his/her keyboard collection. (Follow the 'Keyboard Junky' link on the left)
Japanese ちゃたりたいね Website of rzwv. Reviews, ratings, tear-downs and videos
Japanese A Little bit of Keyboards Longtime keyboard historian, Sandy's website
Japanese Mousefan Another longtime keyboard historian, Mousefan's website
Japanese Qwerters Clinic Home of the famous buckling spring gif
Korean ScarFace keyboard Korean keyboard collector, ScarFace's website. Lots of nice pictures and some rare keyboards.
English Webwit's personal image archive, lots of rare ergonomic keyboards
English Mr. Interface Home of the Sinklist
Japanese Noguiyu Keyboards Mania Detailed keycap pics/analysis
Japanese Kenjin Keyboard Alps and Japanese IBM keyboards
Japanese Keyboard Room Very detailed force graphs
Japanese Neko's Keyboard Room Detailed keyboard reviews
Japanese Serial Communications - Seagull Keyboard mods
English vt100 Great information on VT100 terminals
English 1000bit Vintage computer site
English John Elliot's Homepage Protocol and keyboard information
English Bitsavers Treasure trove of old manuals, perhaps useful for really old keyboards
Japanese m0115 Keyboard Converters Detailed keyboard tear-downs and mods
Japanese Implicitly Keyboards Detailed set of photos of rare keyboards
Japanese Kaineko2 Keyboards Detailed set of photos for somewhat rare keyboards
English Dave's Old Computers Vintage computer site, apparently has them on display somewhere. Has rare terminals.
English Longtime Geekhack member's blog
Japanese 101 Keyboard Lots of links to other Japanese keyboard sites (lots are dead links, but it would be interesting to look each of them up on the wayback machine)
Japanese JIS Standardization History of the JIS keyboard specification
Japanese Chagama's Page Has a few pictures of Japanese keyboards
Japanese Hama's Home Page Has a few pictures of non-Japaneses mechanical keyboards and defines keyboard terms
Japanese Keyboard Gloom Lots of pictures of rare keyboards (many non-Japanese)
Japanese Funky Corner of Toshiro Hata Has old Japanese magazine articles on computer components, some about keyboards; also has a very nice vintage calculator collection with unknown key switches (via the top page).
Japanese Mago Has a number of keyboard converters (to PS/2) using a PIC controller
Japanese Neotec Has a number of odd keyboards for sale (maybe?)
Japanese SiliconValley-Bay Keyboard Collection Number of rare vintage Japanese keyboards
English IPSJ Computer Museum Historical website on computers, mainly Japanese
English Historical computer archive site, lots of images and downloads
English Bryan's Old Computers Some keyboard repair guides
Portuguese RetroPlayerBrazil A HUGE number of old computer pics (sadly low-res)
English kbdbabel Keyboard protocol diagrams, most extensive set known (nice diagrams too)

Dead Websites

Language Website name Description URL
English Keyboard Porn sixty's now dead keyboard website
Japanese Unproductive Days...From Kanazawa City Keyboard pics
Japanese Keyboard Maniacs Tear-downs of keyboards
Japanese Moriyama Masayuki's Homepage Information on keyboard layouts, uses some nice diagrams
Japanese PISSTek. Has a keyboard conversion to PS/2 from XT
Japanese Moonlight Cafe Original foundation for the Realforce Model Reference