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Version 2 of Keychron's K1 keyboard

Keychron is a keyboard manufacturer that appeared in 2018 when the low-profile Keytron mechanical keyboard (later renamed the Keychron K1) was introduced as a Kickstarter project. As of May 2020, they have expanded to add full-height mechanical keyboards to their product line, as well as a multifunction USB hub and accessories like palm rests and alternate keycaps.

Keychron's keyboards are designed to work well with MacOS systems, featuring Command (⌘) and Option (⌥) keys as standard keycaps, though the keyboards are also compatible with iOS, PC, and Android, and are shipped with some PC-style alternate keycaps if needed. They have a function key row (or layer, in the case of the smaller K6) that matches the current standard for MacOS media keys, and dedicated keys for taking screenshots and summoning Siri or another search engine. The keyboards can be used either as wired USB Type-C peripherals or use Bluetooth to connect to up to three devices. They also feature backlit keys, with either white or RGB LEDs available.



  • Keychron K1 — Keychron's first product, a low-profile mechanical keyboard originally known as the Keytron, available in 87-key tenkeyless and 104-key full-size variants. Three versions have been released as of May 2020, with a fourth planned for June 2020. The version 1 and version 2 keyboards were only available with low-profile switches with blue sliders from the brand WM, but these were not well-received, as they had extremely low activation force and were generally seen as too sensitive. The keyboard was available for a while with a redesigned yellow switch, but was eventually changed to use low-profile switches from Gateron after standard-height Gateron switches were used in the K2. It appears the fourth version will change away from the black, flat keycaps of versions 1 through 3 and will use cylindrical keycaps instead, with the light-gray, dark-gray, and red color scheme used on the brand's other keyboards.
  • Keychron K2 — A full-height 75% / tenkeyless keyboard with 84 keys introduced as a Kickstarter project in April 2019. This keyboard has Gateron switches available.
  • Keychron K4 — A full-height 96% keyboard with 100 keys. This keyboard can be obtained with Gateron switches or LK optical switches.
  • Keychron K6 — A full-height 65% keyboard with 68 keys introduced as a Kickstarter in January 2020. This keyboard has Gateron switches and LK optical switches available as options, and there's a hot-swappable switch option for boards using Gaterons.


  • Keychron T10 — A multifunction USB hub with a USB Type-C host connector and charge port, four USB 3.0 Type-A ports, VGA and HDMI video output, 100 Mbit/s Ethernet, and slots for SD and MicroSD cards.
  • Keycaps and palm rests — Alternate keycap sets are available for the K2, K4, and K6 keyboards, along with walnut wooden palm rests for those same models.

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