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Removing a keycap with a wire keypuller

A keycap puller, or key puller is a tool used to aid with the removal of keycaps from a keyboard.

Keycap puller types

The most common types of keycap pullers, are the wire type and the plastic prong type, suitable for different types of keys and keyboards.

Wire keycap puller

A wire keypuller

Wire keycap pullers take the form of two wire loops connected to a handle.

Ring type puller

Folded steel and ring type keypullers

A type of keycap puller made from plastic with a pair of narrow opposing prongs. The puller is pressed down over the keycap until its prongs snap into place below the keycap. The keycap is then pulled using the finger ring.

Folded steel puller

A simple keycap puller made from folded steel. Supplied with some Topre keyboards and keycap sets. Some versions, such as the one provided in the HHKB keycap sets, have a rubberised grip. These pullers should be used with caution as they have been reported to slip off of keys (especially larger keys which require more force to remove) and can scratch the keycap wall.

H-shaped puller

H-shaped key puller for relegendable keys from Genovation

An H-shaped puller has two pair of prongs with different widths between them, with one pair for regular keys and the other for larger keys.

Special key pullers for two-part relegendable keys have one pair of prongs for removing the detachable keycaps, and another for removing the key buttons (bases) themselves.

IBM Model M keycap puller

A plastic keycap puller with asymmetric prongs for pulling the key tops off two-part keycaps on the IBM Enhanced Keyboard (Model M) and on IBM Model F terminal keyboards. It was usually sold only as part of a keycap set.

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DIY Keycap Puller

Keycap pullers can also be created from commonly available materials, such as paper clips.