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Krown Porta-printer keyboard
Layouts Proprietary
Keyswitches Datanetics DC-50 series
Futaba MD series
Switch mount PCB mount
Keycaps Double-shot spherical

Krown Porta-printer is a series of portable teleprinters intended for use by the deaf and hard of hearing. The Porta-printer and Porta-printer II each comprised a 40% keyboard together with a miniature printer and an acoustic coupler.


The original Porta-printer and Porta-printer II keyboards used Datanetics DC-50 series switches; this was followed by a keyboard using Futaba MD series switches. Both keyboards were designed by Meryl Miller.[1]

Datanetics switch versions


The 1975 original keyboard had dark grey keycaps.

Porta-printer II

The 1977 Porta-printer II keyboard switched to ivory keycaps. The PCB below bears the legend "KROWN RESEARCH BAUDOT KEYBOARD", along with "REV E" and "BAU-EKB-1-774".

Futaba switch version

The Datanetics Porta-printer II keyboard was followed by a version with ivory/black Futaba MD series switches. The same keycap manufacturer appears to have been used, as the keycaps are identical in design to those in the previous two keyboards.

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