Kwanda PB11C05

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Kwanda PB11C05
Manufacturer Kwanda
Product code PB11C05
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 1 M

Kwanda PB11C05 is a four-tab clone switch. The specification cites "1.5±0.5 TRAVEL (RINGING)"; this implies that the switch clicks at 1.5 mm, as that would be far too low travel for an Alps clone switch.

Unusually for an Alps clone, PB11C05 switches are branded with Kwanda's logo,[1][2] something which Kwanda have themselves confirmed.

The Kwanda website illustrates the switch with a drawing which shows a switch with slits, whereas actual production switches do not have slits; the exterior design is very similar to the YH-B Alps clone.

The MOQ is 5000 pieces.

Other equipment

  • Guitar Hero II X-plorer guitar controller[1]