Leading Edge DC-2014

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Leading Edge DC-2014
FCC ID None[1]
Branding Leading Edge
Manufacturer Daewoo/Alps Electric
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue
Interface XT

The Leading Edge DC-2014 is an XT keyboard with double-shot keycaps and blue Alps SKCM Blue switches.


An example has been found with the PCB labelled Alps on the copper side and Daewoo on the substrate side.[2] The PCB bears Japanese code 12KC557D (no "K" for "Korea") and the Daewoo logo, and the Alps article label has code "KFCMAC008A". Although Daewoo is Korean, there are no clear indications that the keyboard was produced by Gold Star Alps. However, as the Leading Edge DC-3014 has been found with Alps SKCL Brown, which appears to be a Gold Star Alps switch, Gold Star Alps may have been involved in the keyboard's manufacture.



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