Leopold FC200R

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Leopold FC200R
LeopoldFC200R frontoncrop.png
Manufacturer Leopold
Features Detachable 1.8m cable
Layouts 87-key (tenkeyless)
Keyswitches Cherry MX Red/|Black/|Brown/Clear/Blue
Switch mount Plate mounted
Keycaps ABS with laser infill (Blank keys optional)
Interface PS/2, USB
Rollover NKRO over PS/2, 18KRO over USB
Dimensions 362x140x33 mm
Weight 0.9 Kg
Introduced 1999

The Leopold FC200R is a tenkeyless keyboard.

Colors available

  • White (beige)
  • Black

What's in the box

  • EliteKeyboards
    • Keyboard
    • Keyboard Dust Guard
    • Cherry MX Red ESC Key
    • USB Cable with Leopold cable tie
    • EliteKeyboards Proof of Purchase

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