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Designer Naoki Katahira
License MIT
Features OLED module
Keyswitches Cherry MX / Kailh Choc
Interface USB Micro B (on the Pro Micro)
Interconnect TRRS
Rollover NKRO
Introduced 2018

Lily58 is a small split ergonomic kit keyboard with columnar staggering.

It has a layout of 6×4 keys, plus four thumb keys and one inner key. It is Open Source under the MIT license, and is itself based on several earlier designs, including the smaller Corne keyboard.


The same type of symmetric PCB is used for the left and right hand. All components are through-hole mounted by the builder (except for Kailh sockets on the Lily58 Pro).

On each half is a Pro Micro controller board, and optionally a 32×128 0.91" OLED display (SSD1306 controller with I²C). It uses a TRRS cable as interconnect.

It is often built as a mounting plate, PCB and bottom plate between standoffs, with an acrylic cover on standoffs protecting the controller (and optional OLED display).


Each keyboard PCB can be built with either Cherry MX or Kailh Choc switches.

It has been forked as the Lily58 Pro which has Kailh sockets for hot-swappable switches.

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