Logitech Cordless Keyboard (Y-RJ20)

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Logitech Cordless Keyboard (Y-RJ20)
Logitech Y-RJ20 -- top.jpg
Model no. Y-RJ20
FCC ID JNZ128177 (2002)
Branding Logitech
Manufacturer NMB?
Features Multimedia functionality
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Interface USB

Y-RJ20 is the keyboard component of one of Logitech's Cordless Keyboard MX sets, which contains a cordless mouse and keyboard that connect to the computer via a base station.


The keyboard features a volume knob with an opto-mechanical rotary encoder in addition to all the multimedia buttons. Unusually, the keyboard features dedicated legends for the command key and option key for use with Macintosh computers, with the command and option keys in their correct locations.

The function keys default to multimedia functionality, with F1-F12 side-printed along the front.

The keyboard has a detachable wrist rest.

The frequency range is 26.96−27.28 MHz.


The keyboard pictured below bears the following details:

M/N:  Y-RJ20
      RT7R04 V:5XTWUK
P/N:  867281-0120
      967335-0120 A

In the case of the Dell KB522, all indications are that Logitech was Dell's OEM for that keyboard. In this case, however, the rear label clearly bears an NMB model number, RT7R04, below Logitech's own model number. The internals appear to be wholly devoid of any manufacturer names, but the pictured keyboard has only been 90% disassembled.