Logitech DiNovo

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Logitech DiNovo
Branding Logitech
Manufacturer Logitech
Product family Logitech DiNovo
Layouts "ANSI", "ISO". A "Mac Edition" exists.
Keyswitches Logitech PerfectStroke scissor switches
Interface Wireless USB dongle.
Weight 890 g w/o batteries
Discontinued Yes
Precedes Logitech Illuminated Keyboard line.

Logitech DiNovo is a low-profile wireless keyboard.

The key switches are Logitech's PerfectStroke scissor switches with 3.2 mm key travel. The keycaps are flat, low-profile keys, except the Space bar and bottom-row modifiers that are higher and rounded.

The layout is almost regular "full-size", except that the Delete key is double height with the Insert key relegated to the function key row. The keyboard exists in Windows versions and a special "Mac Edition".

The keyboard is wireless through a USB dongle and a proprietary protocol. It takes four AAA batteries inside a "hump" at the bottom which also houses the controller.


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