Logitech K120

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Logitech K120
Logitech K120 -- top.jpg
Model no. K120
Branding Logitech
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Interface USB
Rollover 2KRO
Dimensions 450 × 155 × 23 mm
Weight 460 g
Price ca. €10 (2014)
ca. £13 (2017)

K120 is a low-cost rubber dome over membrane keyboard from Logitech. It is sold as the Desktop MK120 in a combination mouse and keyboard set.


The key layout is standard ANSI or ISO depending on version. No details about the manufacturing are known.

Logitech cite it as being spill-resistant ("Liquid drains out of the keyboard") and give a 10 million keystroke lifetime for all keys except num lock. No explanation is given as to why num lock would have reduced lifetime, or what its lifetime might be.[1] The only visible difference is that num lock is uncharacteristically a stepped keycap, as with caps lock. Caps lock itself is doubly stepped: stepped on the right and the front edges.


Locale and layout Part number
US English (QWERTY) 920-002509
UK English (QWERTY) 920-002501
Belgian (AZERTY) 920-002482
German (QWERTZ) 920-002489
Dutch (QWERTY) 920-002508
Spanish (QWERTY) 920-002499
French (AZERTY) 920-002488
Italian (QWERTY) 920-002492
Hungarian (QWERTZ) 920-002491
Danish/Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish 920-002822
Portuguese 920-002816
Russian 920-002506
Swiss (QWERTZ) 920-002504


German ISO version

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