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Lubrication (commonly lubing) is the act of applying a compound called a lubricant to reduce friction between moving parts. For keyboards, the purpose is to make the key press smoother and/or to make the keyboard quieter.

Thinner lubricants are more often used for lubricating sliders/rails while thicker lubricants are more often used for stabiliser bars. Some mechanical keyboard switches are lubricated at the factory, while some are not.

A lubricant could be applied to the coiled spring to reduce reverberation. For buckling spring switches, the dental floss mod would be more suitable as it is more easily reversed. Too much lube on a spring could interfere with the switch's operation.

Lubricants should not be applied to electrical contacts.

For the different types of lubricants, see the lubricants category.

Factory lubricated switches

A number of switches are known to be, or are assumed to have been lubricated in the factory. These include: