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MEI T-5C-M-NO.jpg
Manufacturer MEI
Family MEI T-5 series
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 20M
Bounce time 4 ms
Actuation force 3.0±0.5 oz (85 cN) (SPST)
5.0±0.5 oz (142 cN) (DPST, HS, latching)
Pretravel 0.080±0.030″ (~2.0 mm)
Total travel 0.170±0.010″ (~4.3 mm)
Keycap mount Proprietary
Switch mount PCB mount

MEI T-5C is the only confirmed subset of MEI T-5 series that can be used for normal keys.


The types depicted below use the same base as MEI T-5L: the centre post that supports the lamp is present but not furnished with its terminals and socket conductors. The example switches also have both terminals gold plated. The base is branded "MEI".

The switches found in the Compukit UK101 are also "WEAB" branded; there, the WEAB branding is on the top of slider. Those switches have only a single gold-plated terminal and a grey slider.


  • Compukit UK101 (straight stem)[1] [2]


RS 337-217

RS branded, with Devlin part number T5C-M-NO and MEI part number T-5C-M-NO. This has a tall, upright keystem and medium weight return spring. The switch has a centre post to support a lamp. The return spring wire gauge is in the region of 14.5–15 thou (0.36–0.40 mm).

RS 335-794

These switches do not bear RS branding. The Devlin part number is T5C-M-NO-H and the MEI part number is T-5C-M-NO-HS. The "HS" denotes a heavy spring; officially the explanation is simply that a 5 oz spring is fitted, and no expansion of "HS" was formally offered. The spring is roughly the same length (around 17 mm) and has the same number of turns, but has heavier wire, of gauge 16–18 thou (0.41–0.46 mm).


This switch is found in the Compukit UK101. This differs from RS 337-217 in several ways:

  • Just as with the supposed MEI T-5L example, the slider is grey and only one terminal is gold plated
  • The top of the slider is branded "WEAB"

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