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MEI T-5L-M-NO.jpg
Manufacturer MEI
Family MEI T-5 series
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 20M
Bounce time 4 ms
Actuation force 3.0±0.5 oz (85 cN) (SPST)
5.0±0.5 oz (142 cN) (DPST, HS, latching)
Pretravel 0.080±0.030″ (~2.0 mm)
Total travel 0.170±0.010″ (~4.3 mm)
Keycap mount Proprietary
Switch mount PCB mount

MEI T-5L is an illuminated switch in the MEI T-5 series.


The slider has no keystem. Instead, a separate platform with a centre hole is permanently attached to it (possibly with glue, as it cannot be detached from the slider). The slider has a lip on each of its four sides, and the keycaps use a snap-on mount with corresponding slots at the base. The incandescent lamp is held using a friction fit into a centre socket, which runs through to a second pair of terminals. As such, a failed lamp can be removed and a fresh lamp inserted without needing to disassemble or remove the switch, which is an advertised design feature.

The entire keycap and its legend is lighted; as such, the use of an incandescent bulb instead of an LED may be due to the lack of white LEDs at the time that these switches were used.


Only one variant has been found to date, with a single gold-plated terminal and a grey slider. The switch is branded only "WEAB" on the base; the "MEI" branding does not appear anywhere.

RS annotations to the catalogue excerpt show that they sold two variants of this switch:

RS part number MEI part number Type
RS 336-191 T-5L-M-NO Momentary action, SPST NO
RS 336-185 T-5L-A-NO Alternate action, SPST NO


None to date.