MS-Tech LT-940

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MS-Tech LT-940
MS-Tech LT-940 -- top.jpg
Model no. LT-940
Branding MS-Tech
Features Media keys
Layouts German ISO
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Interface USB
Rollover 2KRO
Dimensions 460 × 180 × 27 mm
Weight 540 g
Price ca. €10 (2014)

LT-940 is a low-cost rubber dome over membrane multimedia keyboard from MS-Tech.


Only a German ISO version of this keyboard appears to exist. The standard 105 keys are in the conventional layout. Across the top, straddling an MS-Tech logo, are eight media buttons with symbolic legends: browser, search, a folder with a plus (favourites?), play/pause, volume up, volume down and mute. The function key row however uses keys that are shorter front-to-back.

Drainage holes in the bottom of the case offer some degree of spill-resistance.

The case appears to be designed for wireless operation as there is what appears to be a redundant battery compartment.

The keyboard uses discrete rubber domes. The eight media buttons use smaller domes as they are short-travel.

There are no indications as to who the OEM is.


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