Marquardt Mini

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Marquardt Mini
Part number 7065.2011
Manufacturer Marquardt
Layouts Modified ISO
Keyswitches Marquardt Series 6184
Switch mount Plate mount
Rollover NKRO
Weight 0.765 kg


In Germany, the keyboard was sold by a company called GSE within their Creative Set, an add-on set for the GSE MPE-100S video cutting board containing headphones and the keyboard. Those sets are sold on eBay on a regular basis. The Creative Set was sold with different kind of keyboards. If you want to buy one, ask the seller to send a picture, as the keyboard depicted on the packaging (always the Marquardt Mini) does not necessarily match the actual keyboard included. There are versions with cheap rubber dome keyboards and with the KPT KPT-84.

The Marquardt Mini was also available in white colour[1][2][3] as part of the medical blood analyser station Sprint sold by a company called Reflotron.[4]



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