Marquardt Mini-Ergo

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Marquardt Mini-Ergo
Marquardt Mini-Ergo top, cropped.jpg
Part number 7053.1101
Manufacturer Marquardt
Layouts Ergonomic ISO
Keyswitches Marquardt Series 6184
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface AT
Rollover NKRO
Weight 1.66 kg
Years of production 1993−1995
Price 300DM, 180$

The Marquardt Mini-Ergo is an ergonomic keyboard from Marquardt which was released in 1993. It was the first split-design keyboard to hit the mass market, which gained Marquardt a lot of fame and media coverage. It has Marquardt Series 6184 switches.

The angle between the two halves is 15 degrees.

US patent D341134 filed in 1991 covers the basic design. US patent D365552 filed in 1993 covers a version with an integrated trackball, and depicts the arrow key arrangement found in the finished product.