Marquardt Series 6180

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Marquardt Series 6180
Marquardt Series 6180 -- recognition.svg
Manufacturer Marquardt
Introduced 1983[1]
Discontinued 1995[1]
Precedes Marquardt Series 6184
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Patents US4653179A (1985)

Series 6180[1] is a low-profile keyboard switch series.


Every switch is equipped with a diode.

The upper shell may exist as both black and dark brown. Dark brown is confirmed; black is not confirmed due to photo quality.

US patent 4653179A covers the manufacture of the contact module used in several Marquardt types including Series 6180.


  • Tysso PKB-080 (black top?)[2]
  • Unidentified model of Olympia Carrera typewriter (dark brown top)[3][4] (appears to have a January 1987 manufacture date on the PCB, with chips from 1986)
  • Unidentified model of Olympia Carrera typewriter (black top?)[5]



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