Marquardt Series 6184

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Marquardt Series 6184
Marquardt Series 6184 -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Marquardt
Introduced 1987[1]
Discontinued 2000[1]
Supersedes Marquardt Series 6180
Switch type Linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 65 cN
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Patents US4653179A (1985)

Series 6184[1] is a low-profile keyboard switch series from Marquardt; series 6184 followed the fairly similar Series 6180. All known switches are linear.


Standard (non-LED) switches are all equipped with a diode, which is only visible if the switch top is removed[2]. Pictures of a disassembled switch can be seen here[2] as well.

The keyfeel of the Marquardt white (Linear) switch is similar to that of a Cherry MX Black, though it feels a bit stiffer.

US patent 4653179A covers the manufacture of the contact module used in several Marquardt types including Series 6184.


Part Description
Marquardt 6184.0101 -- variants table.jpg 6184.0101 Standard momentary
Marquardt 6184.1204 -- variants table.jpg 6184.1204 Illuminated momentary, yellow LED
Marquardt mini 7065-2011 marquardt switch with led.jpg Illuminated momentary, green LED


The keyswitches do not appear in their old product catalogues. For the most part, these switches have only been found in Marquardt keyboards.


Disassembly, regular switch



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