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Type Private
Founded 2012
Founder(s) Steve El-Hage, Nelson Wu
Headquarters San Fransisco, California, USA

Massdrop is a commerce platform which performs group pre-orders, each called a "drop". Customers commit to orders before-hand and the order is carried out (and customers charged) when and if it has reached a minimum order quantity.

Users can request products by voting in Massdrop's poll system or by publicly commenting on a drop.

Guest mode

Massdrop requests that users log in. Login can be bypassed for merely viewing information about a ware by affixing the text ?mode=guest_open to the end of address.


Bad shipments

Massdrop is notorious for having messed up shipments to customers: shipping wrong or missing parts, bad packaging and/or getting details on customs declaration forms wrong leading to overcharges or packages being destroyed. Dissatisfied customers have formed for publishing problems.

Ping Award Winner

Massdrop "won" The *Ping* Award in the 2015 and 2017 Deskthority Awards, as voted on by members on the forum.

Massdrop was nominated for various reasons this year: they were nominated for the Input Club incident, for missing parts, for shipping switches instead of entire board kits, for shipping items in packaging so terrible that items fell out or were damaged, for not being able to tell left from right and shipping two left-handed ergodox [Infinity] boards, for being "assdrop gold diggers", for still not having a proxy to the EU, and for adding to the list every week.

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