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Matias Ergo Pro
Part number FK403QPC
Branding Matias Corporation
Features 3-port USB 2.0 hub, fun keys
Layouts US-ANSI
Keyswitches Matias Quiet click, Matias Quiet linear
Keycaps Laser-etched cylindrical contoured
Interface USB
Rollover 6KRO
Price $200 USD (free worldwide shipping)

The Matias Ergo Pro is an ergonomic keyboard with Matias' "Quiet Click" switches.

Design and features

It has ordinary staggered QWERTY layout, but is split in two half-keyboards connected by a cable with 3.5 mm TRRS plugs ("handsfree plug"). Each half-keyboard can be individually adjusted, tilted forwards up to 4.5 degrees and tented up to 9 degrees. [1] Each half-keyboard has a padded palm rest and is screwed on with standard tripod mounts, allowing the keyboard to be mounted on e.g. chairs [2] and it also allows for mounting it vertical making it one of the very few vertical kebyoards (SafeType and Kinesis Freestyle w/ Ascent are the only known other ones) and possibly the only vertical mechanical one.

There is no physical numeric keypad, but it is available as virtual keys. The arrow keys and nav cluster are 3/4-sized and located in front of the right Shift key. The compact size allows a mouse on the right side to be closer to the keyboard.

On the left side, there are four additional keys for Undo, Cut, Copy and Paste.

The 6 key is on the right hand side. The right Ctrl key is in the 'B' key's position relative to the right hand. Earlier revisions sent out to reviewers had the Num Lock key in that position.[3]

A 3-port USB hub is built in. The Mac version emulates an Apple keyboard, which makes the function keys behave the same way on Mac.[3]


Layouts variations for the regular Ergo Pro with Quiet Click switches are US-ANSI for Mac and PC, and German, Nordic and UK ISO for PC.

The Low Force Edition has Matias Quiet Linear switches, only in US-ANSI layout for Mac and PC.

The keyboard was updated in January 2020 with a controller that allows remapping of the four side-keys, space bars and the function key row.


Complaints about switches failing to register, phantom keypresses, and inconsistent contact points have been common.[4] [5]


US-ANSI models and accessories can be bought from Matias' web site. European models are available from The Keyboard Company. It is distributed by Diatec in Japan and by AusPCMarket in Australia.

It was first shown at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in January 2014 and became available for preorder later that year. Shipping was originally intended for August 2014 but there were delays.



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