Matias Mini Tactile Pro

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Matias mini tactile pro
Matias MTP front 2.jpeg
Part number FK303
Branding Matias mini tactile pro
Manufacturer Matias/possibly Costar
Product family 75%
Layouts 75% ANSI
Keyswitches Matias click switches
Interface USB
Years of production current; in production
Price ~ $107-130


The Matias mini tactile pro (also spelled as "mini tactilepro") is a 75% computer keyboard, built primarily for the Mac, made by Matias that uses Matias click switches.


The "mini tactile pro", is an all white, 75% keyboard that uses the plate-mounted tactile and non-dampened clicky Matias switches. It features:

  • while it's based on the Matias Tactile Pro, the "mini tactile pro" comes in a space-saving compact form;
  • designed specifically for the Mac, so all Mac function keys work right out-of-the-box and without the need to download any extra drivers; and
  • a great number of symbols are printed on the keys' right side and can be easily accessed by pressing the Option key for the lower right symbols or simultaneously pressing Shift + Option for the upper right symbols.

Type feel

The keyboard is solidly made with an easily recognizable Alps SKBM white switches type feel to it. The sculpted ABS keytops make the experience even more pleasant.

Windows & Linux

While the keyboard is designed specifically for the Mac, it also works with Windows OS (XP,Vista, 7) and Linux distros except for the Mac-specific functions. Matias also offers some help in this area – for Windows OS, configure the Alt and Win keys by installing MS Windows (AutoHotkey) drivers.

Similar "mini" shape keyboards by Matias

Several Matias' mini keyboards look similar or identical, but they have either different switches (quiet or clicky), are primarily built for a specific OS (Mac or PC), or have a wireless or wired capabilities (in addition to other less prominent differences):

PC: Mac:
Wireless/quiet: secure pro laptop pro (bluetooth)
Wired/clicky: n/a mini tactile pro (this page)
Wired/quiet: mini quiet pro n/a


The Matias mini tactile pro is a well designed and well built keyboard that doesn't disappoint in any important way. Improvements can be made in some areas, for example, replacing the ABS keycaps with the sturdier PBT plastics, or selecting a different material for its case, or a matte case finish instead of glossy, but overall there is no serious negative side to this space-saving 75% keyboard. The packaging is modern, professional, and tasteful; the 3 built-in USB ports offer lots of (portable) expandability; and the included USB cable for home/office (2 m / 6.5 feet) and one extra cable for travel ((1 m / 3.25 feet) is a classy touch.

Full specs

Model name: Matias mini tactile pro
Model #: FK303
Switch name: Matias Click
Switch Part #: PG155B02
Tactile: Yes
Clicky: Yes
Stem colour: White
Actuation force: 60 g (+/- 5 g)
Dimensions: 337 x 165 x 35 mm / 13.26 x 6.5 x 1.38 inches
Weight: 934 g / 2.06 lbs
Case/keycaps colour: White/white
Keycaps/legends: ABS, laser-etched
Switches: Matias switches
Switch mount type: Plate mount
Keycap mount: Alps mount
Contact mechanism: Metal leaf and spring
Interface: USB
Cable: Detachable (2 USB cables included)
Buily-in USB ports: 3
Key travel distance: 3.5 mm
Actuation point: 2.2 mm (+/- 0.2 mm)
DIP switch: No
Backlight: No
Included: 2 USB cables, user guide
Full OS support: Mac OS X (no extra drivers needed)
Compatible with: Windows, Linux


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