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Matias Tactile One
Model no. FK302PI (PC)
FK302MI (Mac)
Branding Matias Corporation
Features 3-port USB 2.0 hub
iPhone cradle
Layouts Modified US ANSI (Mac and PC)
Keyswitches Alps SKBM White, Matias switch (unconfirmed)
Interface USB
Rollover Hardware NKRO, interface 6KRO or greater
Introduced 2012-01-12[1]
Price US$199.95

Matias Tactile One is a keyboard from Matias which combines the Bluetooth iPhone connectivity of the Matias One keyboard (introduced at the same time) with the Matias Tactile Pro's mechanical switches.


The Tactile One is a modified silver and black Tactile Pro 3. The block of keys above the cursor keys have been replaced with a cradle for an iPhone; consequently, the right control is replaced with an fn key to provide access to all the relocated keys. The Tactile Pro 3's eject key is replaced with an iPhone LED key which selects between the computer and phone.

The Tactile One is described as having "Alps mechanical keyswitches". From the introduction date, the keyboard is likely to have started out with unbranded Alps SKBM White switches, followed by Matias switches towards the end of 2012 when production of simplified Alps switches ceased.

The keyboard is designed for an iPhone, but it is a standard Bluetooth keyboard that can be paired with other mobile devices.

The OEM is presumed to have been Costar at the time of introduction, as with the Tactile Pro 3. The Tactile Pro 4 is not a Costar product, and it is not known whether manufacture of the Tactile One was transferred to the new manufacturers likewise.


Macintosh and PC versions are available, both in modified forms of the respective US ANSI layouts.