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Matias Tactile Pro
Branding Matias Corporation
Manufacturer Strong Man[1]
Keyswitches Alps SKBM White, Alps SKBM Grey
Interface USB
Weight 1142 g
Introduced 2003-07-17[2]
Discontinued Yes
Precedes Matias Tactile Pro 2.0
Price US$149.95

This page is about the first version of the Matias Tactile Pro. The current version for sale is the Tactile Pro 4.

The Matias Tactile Pro is a Macintosh keyboard inspired by the Apple Extended Keyboard and other full-sized Macintosh keyboards with Alps switches from the '90s.


The exterior design is inspired by late 90s Apple iMac and PowerMac G3 keyboards, with transparent plastic around a white interior and with USB ports on the left and right sides at the rear. There have also been grey-metallic/black versions (see variations below).


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